Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic experience. The realisation that the diagnosis was made weeks, months or even years late is likely to leave the patient with feelings of frustration and anger.

Even where the tumour is confirmed as benign (as for example, with most meningiomas), there is still the question of whether any subsequent surgery would have been less involved or avoided altogether if the diagnosis had been made earlier.

If the tumour is malignant you will want to know, amongst other things, whether the cancer has spread, what your prognosis is, exactly who is to blame for failing to identify the cancer and crucially, how that person (or people) failed to do so.

Our medical negligence team at Burroughs Day will help and guide you in trying to get answers to these and the other questions you have. 

Our experience and process
We handle medical negligence cases arising out of a failure by medical professionals to diagnose a wide variety of cancers, including:

During our first, free consultation we will go through your treatment (or lack of it) in detail, and help you to identify the point at which the cancer should have been diagnosed. 

If we are able to take your case on, we will instruct an independent medical expert to review your medical records and provide a report detailing (amongst other things), the difference in your prognosis (i.e. the expected future outcome of your condition) now, as compared to what it would have been had you been diagnosed properly. This report will form the basis of your medical negligence claim. 

Funding & No Win, No Fee
There are different options available to you to fund a claim and we will discuss each of these with you. We will be able to offer advice on which one will provide you with the best outcome. The vast majority of our medical negligence work is funded by way of a “no win, no fee” agreement, meaning that if the case is unsuccessful you will have nothing to pay.

We offer all of our potential clients a first free consultation so we can discuss all of the things we need to cover with you and to also make sure that you are comfortable with us representing you. You will not be under any obligation to make a claim. Call us today and we will be happy to advise you on your options.

Contact our team to discuss your potential claim by email or call 0117 929 0451

Team members

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