Dominic Kelly
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Dominic Kelly

Dominic Kelly

I am a senior personal injury solicitor with 20 years practice and can guide you through making a claim for compensation. 

Supporting clients through their injuries both physical and emotional and recovery is key.  I will work hard to ensure you receive compensation and if needed appropriate treatment allowing you to move on with your life as far as possible with as minimal inconvenience as possible.

I can also support you with practical difficulties caused by the accident, including liaising with medical practitioners, specialist consultants and recommending rehabilitation treatment.

Most of my clients appreciate that I listen carefully to them and note their individual needs.  Having an accident and injury can be a shock to the system and possibly place your busy life on hold.  Consequences of injury can be varied, awkward and bring all sorts of different emotions to bear.  I have experienced most forms of accidents and injuries from minor to the very serious and sadly occasionally fatal.

Think of an accident claim as a journey.  I will be there supporting you from the moment you leave, through the pathways of recovery and to arrive as healthy as possible at your final destination.  I will provide you with clear, frank advice so you will always know your choices and options.

I have particular expertise in employers' liability claims, including industrial disease and asbestos cases and accidents at work. I am a member of the Association of Persona Injury Lawyers and The Law Society. 

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