Helen Stock
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Helen Stock

Helen Stock

I started as a Case Management Assistant in the Mental Capacity Team in October 2016.

I assist the Professional Deputies within the Team to look after client’s finances. I also provide help and assistance to Lay Deputies.

I understand that when an individual loses capacity to manage their own affairs it can be a very worrying time for that individual and their family and I will do as much as I can to assist and explain the process.

I provide advice and assistance to clients who lack mental capacity and I work closely with other professionals who support them.

I have a degree in Law and have worked in the advice work sector, providing advice on welfare benefits.  I have also worked in the social care sector and have concentrated on working with people who have a disability or learning difficulty. I will do my best to ensure that client’s finances are managed efficiently and most importantly that all actions are taken in the client’s best interests.

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